Well, lately I have what Stacy calls Zoom. Energy and motivation to do stuff. Since I’ve been home this week, I’ve been able to:

  • Finish cleaning out the hot tub
  • Get the hot tub to power up
  • Fix an issue with the hot tub heating (the circulation pump was clogged)
  • Start cleaning/organizing stuff in the basement
  • Cook borscht
  • Start cooking for thanksgiving.

All of this while I’m putting in productive days at my job.  What’s different?  Well, lemme guess. I’ve noticed I’ve had ‘zoom’ in the past periodically.  Always when I don’t have job stress of the social or political nature.  Job stress entailing challenging problems, well, that energizes, but social and political job stress really saps my soul.
The only place where my zoom is lacking?  I’ve spend barely any time writing in the last month.