So I’ve not been posting very often, as my new job has been quite busy. I’m pretty tired when I get back to the hotel, and all I can think about is getting dinner. I’m usually one of the last to leave work around 7:30, although I get in at 10, so that’s not so bad. I’ve even worked from the hotel room.
Why am I working so much? Well, of course in the first weeks you need to prove yourself. And the product is very complicated and there’s lots to learn. But most important, I’m having fun. I’ve even spent a few hours simply building in-world. I’ve rented some space for a month so I can do my building, and I’ll move everything to Linden Villiage once I’ve received my land allocation. The ops guys are way busy, so they take some time to get around to that stuff.

Cool thing is, I get a complimentary non-linden account, which I can use for normal SL stuff such as sales, so maybe I can build some cool things and make some extra scratch…

Anyway, the technology is really growing on me. It’s pretty hard-core stuff and appeals to my technical side.

On my more literary side, well, I’ve been way remiss on doing my writing. I’m just too tired to focus on it when I get back to the hotel, or the hotel and living out of a suitcase unmotivates me. It’s probably that there are no late-night coffee shops for my writing within a few blocks. I’m stuck in the financial district, a block from that big, pointy transamerica building.

North Beach is 6 or so blocks from work. The Vesuvio Cafe and the City Lights Bookstore, two of the classic Beat hangouts, are just down broadway. These classic locations were the haunts of Kerouac, Ginsberg, Burroughs, and other beat poets and writers. Perhaps I’ll get around to draging my laptop over there for some writing. Maybe the spirit of those authors will inspire me.

Anyway, ’nuff from San Fran, I’m off to Seattle tonight for 9 days, over the thanksgiving holiday.