It’s been a million years since I’ve made a post.  Bad Roxie, bad.
I’ve been rather busy at work.  Lots of development work to do, and, well, I’m rather motivated.  I’m still in the honeymoon period in my job and I’m finding I really want to dive into it.   When I get home, I’m spending my time learning more about Second Life.  Techniques in building (creating structures, items, etc. in-world), scripting (making those objects do interesting things), 3d sculpting and texture building and so on.  Gotta learn what the product is.  I should probably do that during my normal day, but that’s turning out to be rather busy.
All of that, and, well, I just don’t have the zoom to come up with anything interesting to say.  Worse, I’ve only taking time to work on my fiction project a few times in the past few months. I blame that on my random schedule, both due to the holidays and due to travel.
Ah, the holidays.  Well, any holiday plans we had were completely derailed due to the weather.  Specifically, the historic snow.  I can’t remember so much snow.  Down in Seattle, we had a foot or more.  Only once do I remember anything like it, when I was a child in Issaquah, and my memory of that snow may be exaggerated, as I was only about 3 feet tall at the time.
I flew back from our San Francisco offices on the 19th of December, a day or so after the first big snowstorm.  I was seriously concerned about getting home from the airport.  Commercial jets can deal with the snow and ice we were blessed with, as long as the runway has been cleared (heck, they can deal with a Chicago winter), but the Seattle roads were sheets of ice.  Fortunately, a number of brave taxi drivers braved the winter weather.  I’m sure tips were high. The next day, on my birthday, it totally dumped on us.  I postponed my birthday plans as, well, I didn’t want anyone to try to drive to the restaurant, and there was a fair chance it would close anyway.
Anyway, Xmas was mostly uneventful with all of Seattle buried under a foot of snow.  
more to follow….