Ok, it’s been over a week since my last post. I’ve no excuse, I’ve been between jobs, relaxing at home. Oh well.
Last night I went to Catherine and Jeffry’s wedding. Very nice and very unique. I was a gothic affair. The crowd was a sea of black, with a touch of red and purple thrown in for variety. Leather corsets, vinyl ball gowns and velvet were de rigeur. The groom wore a very classy antique british military uniform. Cavalry I believe. Red, with a black hat and sword to boot.
The bride wore a custom hoop skirt affair, all black and beautiful, with a wonderful large fluffy hat.

The event was decorated in dia de los muertos fashion, with sugar skulls and an alter to Mary. It definitely reflected Catherine. Lots of fun people watching, and good friends.

As far as Hallowe’en, I attended the Merc in my warrior princess outfit. I had to sacrifice 2 leather jackets and hours of sewing to make it, but I’m rather happy with the result. A nice, well worn look and the right amount of skin. I received many complements. Unfortunately, pookie was unable to attend, as she’d attempted to keep up with some russians and their vodka at a housewarming.

Today, I leave for San Francisco, for my new job. I’ll be there during the weeks, and home on the weekends for the next few months, although fortunately I’ll be home for the holiday weeks. I’m rather looking forward to it, as I’ll be building worlds.

I’ll have plenty of time after work to write, as, well, I’ll not be able to do any chores around the house, or visit with folk. I hope to churn through some good pages.