We’ve a few extra months before the end of the universe.  The Hadron Supercollider had a mechanical issue, putting off the end of the world for a bit.  No planet-eating black holes.  No spawning of new universes in Switzerland.  Whew.  Ok, we’ll fall into some Star Trek like spacial anomaly in a few months, but at least I won’t miss Halloween.
In other news, I reformatted my current writing project to ‘standard’ manuscript format, double spaced with a readable font, 1″ margins, etc.  I’m at 96 pages…yikes.  And so many more to go.  It’s like giving birth, I tell ya.
Now for some fun drinks when you go out on the town: Black Orchid: rum, tequila, vodka, gin poured into a pint glass with ice.  A squirt of blue curacao and grenadine.  (different from the traditional recipe, but my favorite) Tokyo Iced Tea: rum, tequila, vodka, gin with Midori Irish Car Bomb: A shot glass of Baileys and Irish Whisky dropped into a pint of Guinness