What can I say.  Liquid diet, I’m down 16 pounds since before surgery. (20 from a few months ago) Holy crap on a crap sandwich (which I can’t eat).  It’s only been a month.  My clothes are getting kinda loose, and clothes which I’ve not been able to wear in awhile are fitting well.  Oh, and a number of outfits that I bought a bit ago that were overly ambitious, they’re starting to fit too. Should be interesting when I go back to bellydancing.  Perhaps I’ll perform on Wednesday at Neighbors.  Maybe I’ll get that 4-pack. I did manage to go to Red Robin last night and eat a portion of a small hamburger, as well as some fries.  Kinda rough on my teeth, and it filled me up quickly, but it was nice. In other news, well, there’s no other news.  Not much time for other news right now.