I’ve been working on a plan to conquer mars for some time (if the zombie apocalypse doesn’t materialize).  I like the color red, and Mars is a really cool place. First, it’s gonna take time to conquer entire planets, starting with Mars and moving on to Earth (and maybe beyond).  Patience is a virtue. 2030 – Medical […]

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The zombie apocalypse is coming.  It might be tomorrow, or it might be next year, but it’s definitely coming.  Are you prepared?

I’ve been working on a plan for survival for some time now.  I think I’ve got it nailed down pretty good now.  We’ll see in the upcoming year or two.

First, my assumptions.  I’m going with the worse case.

Yes, some folk may sneer at fast zombies.  They prefer the old-school George Romero style leg draggers, but why simply assume those stupid lumbering fragile corpses will be the worst thing you’ll face.  I’m preparing for fast zombies.  The Left 4 Dead I Am Legend style zombies.  Ones who were turned while alive and still have zoom left in those bones.

I’m also going with the infectious zombie paradigm.  Get bitten and you turn, simple as that.  Even a scratch could give you the nasty.  The epidemiology of zombiedom would be rough.  It’ll spread far and wide, with very few left untouched.  And those will be the smart and quick.  N

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Ok, this is getting ridiculous.
78 Minutes of summer?  Come on, Seattle.  I know you can do better.  I had such high hopes when we had the first sunny 4th of July in memory.

After this last winter, we deserve a little pity.  Maybe it’s the solar flares.  Maybe it’s Leviathan or the Kraken.  I don’t know and I don’t care.  I want a little bit o sun.

And here Minnesota is suffering through 120 degrees of apparent heat. I’d be willing to take 15 or 20 of those degrees.  Just for a little while.


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Black Blade Blues by J.A. Pitts My rating: 4 of 5 stars I picked up this book after I sat in on a norwescon session on gender in speculative fiction. J.A. Pitts was the sole male representative on that panel, and after hearing the discussion on the challenges of stepping outside ones gender in writing […]

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There’s recently been a huge debate as to whether “dark” YA (Young Adult  fiction dealing with bullying, rape, violence, sex, incest, cutting and so on) is appropriate for the teenage crowd.  It all started with this Wall Street Journal article (why the WSJ is covering this topic is another discussion).

Seriously?  I totally can’t comprehend why parents go into denial about w

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Hope everyone had a good independence day! So, Stacy and I ended up chatting about the Seattle Freeze.  I don’t remember exactly why, but I thought it was an interesting topic, and I’ve heard about it from numerous people, so hey, why not drop my thoughts in a blog post. Seattle folk may seem polite, even […]

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Finally starting to recover from the Fremont solstice parade.  This year was epic.  Seriously.

I suspect there were like eighty of us.  A fair sized group, and as usual, we pretty much dwarfed the other groups in the parade as far as numbers.  The costumes this year were amazing.  Most wore blood red punctuated by bits of black, and a smaller portion wore oily black, as our theme was Blood and Oil.

This was one of the more striking color combinations, at least during the last six years of my participation.

Here’s a quick video from King 5 news.  I’m front right.

We broke two of the traditional rules, at least for our group.

First, we wore black.  For some, it was just a touch of black.  For others, they were covered.  Black generally blends into the road, cutting those wearing black hip-scarves in half.  People in 100% black, well, they’d totally disappear.  We pulled it off, however.  The black accessorizing wasn’t overwhelming, and tha

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If you missed the parade on Saturday, well, you suck.

Here’s some pics of me, as I’m vain.

A good video…

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Surfin’ today and I came across the following patent.  I’m one of the inventors!
US 7904712 – Service licensing and maintenance for networks

A former employer of mine filed that in 2004, and finally this last march the actual
patent was issued.  How about that.

Looks like another previous job also filed a patent application for some tech that I’d
worked on.
Multitenant hosted virtual machine infrastructure.

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