Reuben turnovers are win!
We had some corned beef so I decided to play around a bit.
Sliced it up into little bitty chunks, stuffed it in a pastry shell with
some sauerkraut and swiss cheese.  Cooked it up.  Served with
stone-ground mustard and thousand island dressing for dipping.

Total win.

Now, as I’ve not posted in about a month…being that I was sick, busy and cranky, I’ll catch up.
During that time, I managed to attend Norwescon.  It was grueling.
I’m not so much one to attend the gaming/cosplay/party side of things as, well, I save
my partying for other darker venues.  However, I did attend just about every writing
panel session that I could.  Like 9 hours of sessions every day (well, ‘cept Thursday and Sunday).

I barely had time for food or even coffee, as the sessions were back-to-back.

Paranormal romance has a happy ending 🙂  Urban fantasy doesn’t.  (ok, a generalization)

Modern marketing for writers consists of blogging, twitter and facebook, and cons to some extent.

When revising/editing your work, read it aloud.  Or have someone else read it aloud, even if it is your computer.  That’ll catch spelling and grammar mistakes fairly well.

If you want to find an agent or publisher, look in the bar.

There was a fair bit more, but most of that boiled down to ‘write’ and ‘read lots’.

Now I just gotta get to revising my writing…only about 60k words to go.