Whew, made it through to vacation.  Actually, I’m a few days into it, as it technically started when I went home Friday.

So far, I’ve:

  • Spent a day tending to a sick person…well…a day and a half.
  • Spent some time trying to fend off a low-level yuckiness myself.
  • Ran back and forth to home depot to get paint, tile, flooring material.
  • Played starcraft 2
  • Read the first few chapters of Darkness Calls, by Margorie M. Liu
  • Had someone come by to fix the fridge, which is having defrost problems, hence problems keeping the fridge side cool
  • Fixed the faucet of the downstairs bathtub to no longer leak.  Unfortunately, water collects in the corner by the wall and is leaking.
  • Did just a touch of revision on Chapter 2 of my little writing project.

What comes next?  

  • More trips to home depot, assuredly.
  • Clean up the upstairs closet so Jeffrey can install some flooring
  • Maybe some more revision of Chapter 2
  • Fly to Pittsburgh tomorrow for my college class reunion
  • Cower in the corner as I’m not really getting the rest I need