So I was going to donate some money to the Red Cross for their Japanese relief efforts. Then, I came across something really cool. The League of Reluctant Adults, a group of paranormal romance and urban fantasy authors, had placed an auction on ebay with the proceeds going to the Red Cross efforts for Japanese relief. They agreed to critique the writing of the winner. Up to 6000 words at that. Needless to say, I bid. Hey, giving money to the Red Cross and actually having my work critiqued by professional authors…cool stuff. And, I won. So, I’m looking forward to presenting my work to Sonya Bateman, Michele Bardsley, Carolyn Crane, Kevin Hearne, Jackie Kessler, Diana Rowland and Jeanne Stein.
6000 words is enough for a synopsis and the first chapter of my project. Now, I just need to clean it up a bit more and send it off. Shudder…
In other news, plumbing sucks. I’m not suffering from two burns and a sore back from an evening of sweat soldering copper pipe in for a new shower/bathtub. Ouch.