I just finished Kelley Armstrong’s ‘Bitten’, first of her ‘Women of the Underworld’ series. The novel centers around Elena, the only female werewolf, who’s left her pack to live a ‘human’ life in Toronto.  She’s called back to her pack to help deal with some killings, and she reluctantly goes.  A steamy but difficult reunion with an old lover, a bunch of murder, and general werewolf fun.
The book didn’t really grab me at first.  The characters initially seemed somewhat shallow.  Elena, young woman journalist in Toronto, etc.  Her lover?  A bit too perfect. After a few chapters, however, Elena became much more interesting.  Hey.  She’s a werewolf.  She’s a werewolf dealing with other werewolves.  How interesting is that? Yes, there are many other werewolf novels out there, and I’ll probably read them, but this one made the grade after I found myself empathizing with Elena.  And the sex scenes were nice too.
Urban fantasy really is all about characters and sex, now, isn’t it. I say read it.