Saw the new Star Trek movie last night. While I’m no trekkie, I did spend my childhood watching the reruns of the first series, as and I’ve watched pretty much all of the other ones. As well as the movies. This one definitely kept to the tradition of ‘even movies are the good ones.’
I thought it was great. The actors they found for Spock, Kirk, Uhura, Scottie, Sulu, Bones, Chekov, well they were all right on. I loved the old-school Kirk, getting into fights, chasing women, and so on. And Spock, well, we’ve always known he’s the most emo of the entire crew.
Kirk on earth, living in Iowa, well that was cool. Especially the bar fight and corvette.
The plot, well, it was a bit close to star trek nemesis, the previous movie. Romulans coming to attack earth.
There were plenty of winks to the original series, making it quite fun for long-time fans.

And Vulcan getting destroyed. wow.