I’ve just been bursting to tell the world, but I’ve kept this news hush-hush so it didn’t leak to my current management.
I’m now a Linden, as in Linden Lab! I received an accepted an offer from them on Friday.
Far more secure than the Startup I’m currently at. They’ve nearly 280 employees, are profitable, and have plenty of work to be done.
And, hey, I’ll be making 10% more than I am now. An amount appropriate for my experience level. Take that, glass ceiling.

The interview process was intense.
A phone interview with the hiring manager (who’s really cool), followed by 3 in person interviews with people in the Seattle office, followed by a tech phone interview with one of the Mountain View people. Then they flew me out to SF for the day to interview
with the main team. My new manager plus 7 others. They were all really cool.

I’ll be starting on the 3rd of November, and will be in SF during the weeks for a month or so. Yay frequent flier miles.

I’ll be working on some really cool stuff. Virtual Reality for businesses, education and governments. 🙂

I’m soooo excited. Yay for me 🙂