I don’t know what it is about writing in coffee shops.  I’ve seen many writers recommend finding a quiet corner at home, away from distractions.  Turn off the internet, grab a spot of tea, shut out the world. I don’t know about you, but I need more stimulation to get the mental juices flowing.  I need music.  I’ve put together a soundtrack that works for the mood of my current project.  Music I’m familiar with.  I suspect new music might really distract me, but no music at all simply wouldn’t put me in the emotional space I need to write. Caffein helps.  I need my mocha, iced or hot.  It’s comforting yet energizing. And strangely enough, I like having people around me when I write.  I don’t want the distraction of socializing with friends or acquaintances, but having people around helps me write about people.  I’ve always enjoyed people-watching, you learn so much. The challenge, balance the distraction of people-watching with the hard work of writing.   And don’t be afraid to go back to the barista for a refill.