Finally, after all these weeks, solid food. Last night, Stacy’s parents took us out to Beth’s, my favorite 24 hour greasy spoon.  Scrambled eggs are easy, but I was also able to stomach the hash browns and wheat toast. Not too much, though.  After 3 weeks of liquid food, my stomach has shrunk to the size of, er, a very small stomach.   Today for lunch?  Fried rice from the Vietnamese restaurant near my work.  And Dinner?  We all went out to Thai Siam, my favorite Thai place.   Seriously, go there, the food is divine. The Thai food was a challenge to eat.  Vegetables are not forgiving.  And Phad Thai just gets caught in my braces.  The won ton soup went down well, though. I’m going to continue my predominantly liquid diet, though.  I’m about 13 pounds down from where I was 3 weeks ago.